About Us


  • Over 200 years of experience in electrical transmission and distribution infrastructure.
  • Customers include privately and publicly held companies, municipalities, public utilities, and state and federal government agencies.
  • Projects include overhead to underground conversion of electrical, telephone, and cable TV, duct bank and manhole installation, overhead distribution, underground distribution maintenance and construction, and directional drilling.
  • All work is planned and executed by company personnel and never sublet. Company management has over 200 years combined industry experience.
  • Fleet comprised of backhoes, excavators, directional boring machines, vacuum trucks, digger derricks, cranes, bucket trucks, utility body trucks, low profile pressure diggers, flat bed trucks, dump trucks, and semi trucks.
  • Heart Utilities maintains a safety program to ensure compliance by employing a safety supervisor and manager to implement all programs and perform all required employee training.
  • Heart Utilities prides itself in being a Drug Free Workplace and EEO Employer.